Madrid and Barcelona Basics

Students will explore Spain through the eyes of two cities: the capital city of Madrid and Catalonian capital of Barcelona.  The Madrid experience includes the Prado, the museum of painters, as well as the city’s remarkable architecture from the Royal Palace to its soccer stadium.  Students will then travel a high-speed train to Barcelona on … Continue reading Madrid and Barcelona Basics

Puerto Rico Tour

Students begin their journey to this enchanted island in San Juan, exploring its oldest city and cosmopolitan capital, continuing along the Atlantic coast to Arecibo to the Camuy Caves, the third largest cave system in the world. A kayak trip with spectacular views of the bioluminescent plankton is a highlight of this island adventure.  The … Continue reading Puerto Rico Tour

Peru Tour

A journey to Peru offers students the opportunity to explore the oldest civilization in South America – its architecture and culture.  This 8-day tour takes students from the “City of Kings” to the Sacred Valley of the Incas to the remarkable archaeological site of Macchu Picchu.  Students will also experience the distinct Peruvian cuisine as … Continue reading Peru Tour

Dale pues Panama!!!

A tour of this Central American country offers students an extraordinary combination of history, culture, nature, and adventure.  The Panamanian experience begins in the capital city, exploring the old and new, including the marvel of engineering – the Panama Canal.  Students will hike the trails of El Valle de Anton, traverse the canopy, and canoe … Continue reading Dale pues Panama!!!

Explore More in Ecuador

From Colonial Quito to the Avenue of the Volcanoes, Ecuador offers students a view of the world from its core.  Students will explore the culture of Ecuador’s indigenous people, its range of scenic waterfalls, and the highest point on earth – when measured from sea level — Chimborazo!  The Ecuadorean adventure includes a thrilling train … Continue reading Explore More in Ecuador

¿Qué bolá Cuba?

As Cuba enters a new era, it is the perfect time to explore the riches and history of this island nation.  Students will experience its history, culture, and people that inspired the likes of writer Ernest Hemingway and artist José Fuster.  From the iconic rhythms of Havana to the expansive farmlands of Soroa, your group will … Continue reading ¿Qué bolá Cuba?

Costa Rica National Parks

Students will experience Pura Vida! – a way of life in Costa Rica – in their exploration of the country’s magnificent parks.  After arriving in the capital of this Central American country, the adventure continues through the cloud forests and down the canals and lagoons to Tortuguero.  Students will experience the natural wonder that is … Continue reading Costa Rica National Parks

Cultural Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica and learn all about the various ecosystems exist on the beautiful island. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy their tropical beaches, make your way through spectacular rain forests, and observe a broad spectrum of biodiversity as you experience the natural wonders that Costa Rica has to offer on your educational tour … Continue reading Cultural Costa Rica

Brazil and Argentina Tour

The Rio Olympics may be over, but the enchantment that is Brazil continues in its beautiful beaches, rhythmical dances, scenic parks and waterfalls, and the iconic Cristo Redentor.  The spectacular Iguazú National Park adventure includes exploration by jeep, foot, and boat to witness the almighty Iguazú falls.  Students complete their South American adventure crossing over … Continue reading Brazil and Argentina Tour

Belize Tour

This small Central American country, nestled along the Caribbean Sea, offers students remarkable adventures, as well as a glimpse into the mysterious ancient culture of the Mayans.  Students will grab the adventure in Belize’s lagoons, ruins, rain forest canopies, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.  Belize is considered … Continue reading Belize Tour